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She thought maybe an angel had called out her name. She wasn't sure. She was waiting for her older sister to return with Jujy Fruits and bonbons. The theater, neither light nor dark, was to Cassie's ten-year-old mind, an appropriate-enough setting for a visit from an angel. Cassie knew better than to mention her divine suspicions to Dot who was five years older.

"No. We'll start off with the bonbons. I don't want you pawning off a melted mound halfway through the show." Dot could be okay. She and Cassie watched old movies on TV late at night. Their parents slept with the bedroom door closed. "Don't know why they bother." Cassie was not sure what Dot meant. It was one in a line of remarks that made her anxious.

"Shh, I don't want to miss what they say," Dot whispered when the lights dimmed. Cassie understood the word ironic. Dot was being ironic. Collectively they had seen this movie seventeen times and could successfully anticipate each word, beep and ship sweep. Angels could travel to far stars, she thought.